AR-15 made from Childrens Books

AR-15 made from Childrens Books
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Friday, October 30, 2020


In a tight real estate market, standing sculptures take up floorspace and art creators have to store what they don't sell!  This is what led me to creating sculptures that live on the wall.

These are created by using an old frame with the glass as flat a work surface, then Chinese prayer paper serves as a background, 2 part epoxy poured in and sealed with the item.

"Old Western"

"Blister Pack Of Death"

"The Worlds Greatest Weapon"

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Srapwood Sculptures

These are Sculptures created from scrap-wood found in a friends basement.

 Protester 1
 NeckTie Guy
 Exhausted Prostester
 Inauguration Day
 Six Stix
 Necktie Bannon

 Hands Up!
 Protesters Together
 Rainbow Girl
 Rainbow Dad
 Rainbow Mom
 Rainbow Boy
 Protester 2
 Stick arms
 Leaning Man
Necktie Lipstick Lady

Thursday, March 5, 2015

2014 Sculptures

Here are photos and descriptions of sculptures I created last year:


Made from copies of my old expired credit cards, a video monitor found on the street acts as a floor inside the shanty where a stream of zeros and ones goes by.  A wooden man sits at a table with tools in the back, making new cards with the numbers gleaned from the screen.  A dog like figure guards a stack of cards at the front door.  Credit cards dry hanging from the rafters inside amidst L.E.D. lights taken from solar garden spikes.  The shanty structure is made from broken erosion and garden fence, scrap wood, dowels and nails and the computer running the video is downcycled.  The whole piece has a "District 9" feel about it.

Type Wars - Gut Machines

 This piece derives from an old typewriter I found in the dumpster at the East Hampton Library.  I took it apart, (gaining much respect for the lost art of typewriter repair),  and built some little guys from parts found inside.  The piece has the gutted typewriter sitting across a newspapered table from a laptop.  the laptop has taken hostage the Zero and the One keys, all it needs, while the main typewriter part guy holds up the bell and the Mar-Rel keys, the two things the laptop could never use.  In between the two lay a junkyard of typewriter parts, keys of which spell out "GUT MACHINES"



When the Sun hits this structure the little robots spin!
The idea is that in the future, when robots take over, their little robot kids will have to play.


Another future robot piece, this machine makes little wire pills for robots.
Names like Chipuzor and Computizam indicate that they are taking Psychosomatic Drugs.

Solar Spinning Sculpture

Solar Artist

This little guy simply spins his motor when the sun hits it.

This piece has my parents favorite sayings put together.
It is made with Wood, Lamp, Twigs and EL wire mounted on nails.
The EL wire flashes "MONEY" over "AHEAD" made of twigs.

When you press the little button inside, it makes a buzzing sound and lights up at the mouthpiece.
There is a Bluetooth earpiece inside the listening piece.
Reggie LeDoux is the bad guy in True Detective, Scary!


These shapes are based on popular Ebola scare photos from mainstream media.
The fist two shapes are made from wire pulled off of an old coil, and the third is an old orange bag twisted up and melted, and the fourth is just a rope.  The backgrounds are tinfoil underlays with lint free tissue paper foreground, spray painted.  They are suspend mounted with fishing line inside plexiglass.


This piece reads "CONCEPT" , "UAL" and "ART" on three different hanging shingles.
The letters are raised and somewhat hidden under the spiral of four different spiral dripped colors of enamel paint.  It is meant to hang with the "UAL" shingle hanging as if from neglect.


Here is a piece made from a box at a yard sale. An old aircraft carrier, tank and helicopter reworked into a machine gun.



This Piece is a wall mounted diorama of an ISIS scene made from yard sale army guys and truck, wood, sculpey, sand and bamboo.
The  yellow guys are ISIS killing the red guys who are then carted and piled into the back of the truck.  A pool of blood from the killing area drips down off canvas.


This piece is a bag of army guys rolled up to look like a bag of pot hanging on a postal scale in front of an American Flag.
The lights are wired exterior to look a bit like an IUD, and they dim in accordance with the daily military spending budget.