AR-15 made from Childrens Books

AR-15 made from Childrens Books
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Monday, December 19, 2011

The pointGREENpictures art show at Sustainable NYC is a HIT!

I am Very Pleased to announce that Pengee and 3 of his friends, (Turtle, Dolphin and Coat Hanger Seagull),  have found a permanent home there!

The Show will be up through early January so please drop by and have a look and pick up some Eco-Friendly gifts while you are at it.  The Address is 139 Avenue A, at 9th St. New York.

Sustainable NYC won the Green America Peoples Choice Award this year and stocks some seriously inventive inventory of sustainable substance.

The story behind this show is great.  I was in the shop having organic strawberry ice cream  with my 4 year old daughter, Quinn, and she noticed their logo, which is a Tulip with an electric plug coming out of the top.  Quinn said, "Daddy, your art is like this, you should get in touch with the owner of this store and have an art show here!"  So I did, and got the show!  How many 4 year old's are Artists Agents?  Amazing!

The Asian LongHorn Beetles Hover above shoppers

The Six Pack Sculptures Hang above the Space

The Dolphin is above the Bar

Collage of Six Pack Sculptures with Kids Masks

Bugs, Mugs and Emoticons

You can see this wall from the Front door

This is Quinn, my Agent

I tried to fill the walls up with art

Penguin is like a welcoming committee on top of the fridge!

Note the Recycle Bin down below

The Southern Wall

A Nice Place to sit and work

Turtle hangs by the window
Thanks For Enjoying the art, Please Click here to see the pointGREENpictures Gallery.