AR-15 made from Childrens Books

AR-15 made from Childrens Books
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bushmaster AR-15 Assault Rifle made from Hurricane Sandy Beach Trash

I gathered all of this plastic trash from the beaches after Hurricane Sandy and stared at the pile for a while, wondering what to do with it... I was on the brink of taking it all to the recycling center when the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School happened and I decided to turn it into an AR-15, Be on the lookout for the Glock,  the Sig Sauer and body armor in the works.  Note the Details like the Pacifier as the shoulder hook, the shotgun shells as the clip and you can actually pick it up and aim it through the baby shovel handle.
Assault Rifle, Recycled art,  ©Rossa Cole
Bushmaster AR-15 Made from Beach Trash washed up by Hurricane Sandy