AR-15 made from Childrens Books

AR-15 made from Childrens Books
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Here are the Documents for 5 completed six pack SeaGulls:

Monday, January 16, 2012


The "Flock of Seagulls" is in the creation stage!  I have created 5 new Six Pack seagulls as well as a nest with eggs, these will be a part of my installation, "A Flock of (sixpack) Seagulls" Hopefully to be finished and installed by Earth Day.  In order to create consistency and symmetry of the animals, I built a "pegboard" to stretch the wire frame of the birds.  

©Rossa Cole, Pegboard for stretching Seagull Frames

Here are some iphone shots of the completed gulls.

©Rossa Cole, 5 new gulls

©Rossa Cole, 5 new gulls with nest

And here is the nest with eggs, the frame is made from wire coat hangers:

©Rossa Cole, Six Pack Seagull Nest with Three Eggs

For this gull, #6, I used wire coat hangers for the frame and fishing line instead of zip ties to attach the six pack rings.

©Rossa Cole, Coat-hanger frame detail
©Rossa Cole, Wire Frame Gull

I am hoping to get to hang them at the Javits Center, here are some rough renderings I have created:
©Rossa Cole-Javits Renderings

Of course I would also like to put them in atrium's and lobbies around the city and world.  Please contact me if you have any installation location ideas (or contacts) you would like to share!
I am also designing a workshop for schools, artist or eco groups where participants can create their own Gull  (info below)

Thanks and will update as things progress.