AR-15 made from Childrens Books

AR-15 made from Childrens Books
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Friday, October 17, 2014

America's Drug of Choice

Here is a new work. "America's Drug of Choice" is the working title. It has a bag of army men which looks a lot like a bag of pot on a postal scale in front of an American flag.  This is encased in a White frame with vanity lights, the Blue and Red wires of which are exposed, making the sculpture reminiscent of an Improvised Explosive Device.

"America's Drug of Choice"

Army Men

Postal Scale

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Here is a recently created artwork made from the detritus of the modern world.

The working Title is, "Plasto-Sphere, 3014" and the idea is that in a thousand years we will have so little ozone left that we will have to build a plastic dome over the earth in order to keep space out, and once this dome starts failing we will have to use Band-Aids.

This idea derives from my religion, "Atmospherian" which suggests that the only thing keeping humanity alive is the atmosphere, because it is keeping space out.

Upon close inspection of the piece, one may notice the inhabitants of the recycled globe are all from a 1960s German train station model, they are under a dome supported by T-Pins and the dome is made from a thin plastic window winterizing kit.

"Plasto-Sphere, 3014" ©Rossa Cole


The American midwest

Sittin on top of the world


Friday, April 18, 2014

Acts of concious art show

I participated in the "Acts of conscious" art event at the Quaker Meeting House on E. 15th St in New York Last Night.
 This is the AR-15  of Children's book in the library

 And the Banking Project
 And Me
 And My Old Friend from SFAI, Celebrity HeartThrob Gale Harold Showed up out of the Blue!
 There were symmetrical Ghost blobs!
 And Me with the AR-15
 The Two Pieces
 Fellow Exhibitor Canon Hersey
 The Banking Piece from Above
 Explosions at the Shale Layer
 Fracking Project

 Gulls in the Meeting Room
 Me and My Dear Mum
 The Tank Sculptures

 Explaining Fracking to Kids